We, at BGS VIJNATHAM SCHOOL, believe that apart from imparting education, a school should also develop various life skills like leadership, healthy sense of competition and decision making. We also focus on building a strong character by making them understand the meaning of being ‘HUMAN’ i.e. ‘My Own Natural Kind’.

The school house system provides good support in bringing this belief into action with the houses named after the Panchamahabhoota, the five pillars of our creation Vayu, Aakash, Jal, Prithvi and Agni. Each element represents a special trait of human character such as conscious awareness, reason and knowledge, freedom, time (past and future), personal identity, embodiment, and responsibility.

The Sky is the vast open space that accommodates everything. It teaches us to open up the mind with a positive thought process and spread our wings to explore the horizon.


Fire is the source of energy and light which refers to confidence and enthusiasm. It teaches us to be energetic with the zeal to traverse the journey of knowledge towards wisdom.


Water being the source of life teaches us to conceive new ideas with the clarity of thoughts and create a vision to acquire the flow of new opportunities.


Earth being the powerful source of stability teaches us to be patient, balanced, spread positivity and reach the pinnacles of success while being grounded to the ethos.


Air represents the circle of life. It inspires us to keep moving by overcoming the challenges and recharge our souls with pure fresh energy.